xoxo xoxo

tomorrow never die 
that's true,,everything have been prepared
what the most important thing is present ! 
eeemmmm,just little bit  nervous hohoho
so nak xnak i have too 
quite busy right now,again cutting class,i have three classes
not one, not two but the whole day i cut my class
ibm taxation and the other one is far budget nak study tapi tak jugak
that's normal
i'm just listen to the music, download byk2,besh besh
yesterday,just arrived at home,i'm crying
annoying  with people around me,,bley x?
hohoho macam macam pikir 
the first thing that cross my mind to change another class next sem
wow bley ke,?
next, move out to another house,,kat baiduri jugak,,hahaha
last night, i have seen another house, at level 10,pan house
cantik cantik,,bley nengok satu shah alam, icity pon bley nmpk dri baiduri
i'm so excited,but the other way around, i tak nak move out,
banyak sgt kenangan kat umah nie,i can't.
so what i have to do haaa? just stare and thinking the best one for me :)

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