and now

trauma trauma trauma, i'm just thinking about the first paper i have been sat yesterday. 
possible i will pass that paper. i tak nak blame sape sape, its my fault  okey. but 
i have study,almost every day the whole study week. i'm so regret,frustrated eish eish.
i'm so worried ;( 

that day, i'm still remember, she said >>
i tak kisah kalau my student fail,every sem i will allocate about 20% of my student would fail. i 
follow Singapore, because blah blah blah.. entah lah entah lah huh
lantak lah malas nak fikir, i dah study klu tak pass jugak bukan rezeki i.i will accept it :)
past is past,now i have to think for the next.

nice song, i miss everything about you,can't believe that i still want you.....
saya sayang kamu

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asmaroro said...

it seems like your lecturer is very mean :(

20% of failures is a huge number of students!

all the best to you :) you'll be A-OK!