every day every nite i will missing you_>>

i love him so much. ari2 i write sumthing kat ym dye.
tp xpnh reply. i still nak tggu dye.
bia la org ckp i bodoh. tp i syg dye ag. mmg susa nak lupe
org yg kte syg.

syg dye


p/s: i'm waiting for you . hopefully he come back to me.

its meee...???

eeeee..agak susa to write s0mething kat bl0g nie..xtau la tulis pe.
i x ksh pon i xde follower.i start blogging nie pon coz i nak express my feeling.
since i break up  idop nie cam empty.
 i want t0 start a new life without him. i want t0 forget him.
but its too hard. i need for freedom,to be free.
today is nothing happened. after class i and  my frens sarah ,zurin have a lunch.
i treat zurin kat kenny rogers.
ktrg mkn spageti mushroom soup byk la.
i spend 70 dolar for lunch today.hehehe. quite expensive..but its ok.
after lunch i went to sacc mall  for window shopping. i want to buy perfume from body shop.
hehehe. tp xjd..=(
this sem i don't have enough money for shopping. cukup2 nak mkn je. huhuhu.
tp i plan nak g sunway ngan zurin tonight. but last minute cancel.
so x dpt la nak bli perfume bju kat forever 

sunway i will see u there.. hehe.

p/s :  xsbr nak balik umah akak. da de baby gurl  =)