last saturday 
finally i got the tix :)
mtv world stage awesome,with him again besh besh 
the best performance of course lah katy pery,
we have sang together *thingking of you*
a new song by katy pery peacock,its lyrics
dunno what to say *speechless* hehehe
wonder girls so cute cute,sing together
*tell me tell me tetetete..hehehe*
this week i have cutting my class, law :(
so sad, the same matter, i'm with him.
i won't let you go syg, i can't. i'm just crying crying and crying.
he try to make it stop, but i can't, he promised to stay with me.
thanks you classmate for their help.
i tried to wake up to realized  hes not mine.
as long as he  stay with me,its enough ;)

this saturday
siang hari
boring, my classmate ajak g ou,jln2 xshopping mne course the last monday
da byk shopping ;p
i just bought a new tshirt  kat padini,after that we went to summith.
Ya Allah toilet dye,masuk2 je ase nak muntah wuek wuek
malam hari  
maen bowling bersama :) agak kelakar.
papa tipu,cakap tak pandai maen, i just score 55  compare ngan
dye 118, mmg terok la .so shame .he said.
*klu papa strike mama syg papa
mmg strike lah, xpenah ngaku saya syg kamu.
we are different lah papa :) 
first time karaoke dgn laki,,papa nyanyi rock kapak
sedap gak tp kelakar,,hehehe.
after that we have got dinner at bintang side walk
sedap, we have share spagheti sedap :)
papa mesti order coke, tiap kali kuar coke,xelok lah
syg pon suke coke *same*

ps:the best thing papa have a new niece *amani kot name dye*
pape pon congarts k :) no matter what happened i still choose you shayang :)

jusco bukit tinggi.first time pergi :)

teruk sgt waktu nie,g kls tp xsmgt just attend :(
all i want its you 

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