i just want to explain everything here,
what was happening,after 4 years.

i doesn't want to lie you anymore,but i think you're are not appreciate me 
what i'm trying to do. i just want to be free from papa.
i just want to defend myself, i'm not the type of person.
i'm not seduce your bf, he comes to me, always.
but the end,i'm realized that he not mine,
i just want you to stop calling me 
as "perempuan". for me its so rude.
the whole day i'm just crying, crying and crying.
you're not  good people i think, actually you're liar.
*dgn bf sendiri pon bley tipu,siap mencarut lg *

before this i'm fall in love with papa since form 5,
i never admit. papa i love you, i never say before this.
but i just want to be free,,come on lah, please lah,
i'm trying to tell the truth and trying to make yourself much
better,,its wrong?
just couple, and start with new life with papa,susah sgt ke?
Lg pon papa syg ko bkn aku, i just want to be free from him just enough.
what i'm trying to do,for make us more happier and know what going on.
its wrong? 

i know i'm wrong hang out with your bf, seldom my friend pon join skali.
we're just friend and never declare anything.
last night i talk with him again,he know the truth, 
what i'm going to say here,
papa doesn't love me, he try to talk with you.
that's enough.
for yana what i'm going to say, i'm not the type of person
zalhariz just classmate, i never try to close with him.
never ever, we just chatting as a friend. oke? 
for azhar sorry, i left you, because we're not suitable and i don't want to lie you.
i have my own reason. * i love that boy * 

now, i want to be free,
papa, jgn call mama lg, jgn kaco mama lg oke.
for abdurrahman mohd razip,
you and kinah cute lah, btw i'm so happy 
because she is much better than me.
here, i'm sorry dear.0-0 oke.

for my shayang,
right now  i'm waiting for untill the end of my life.*ayg syg cyg *
i want to be someone close to you, make me happy,
i just want to finish my degree here with you, after,, think later oke.
you had promise to stay with me,
even we're never ever declare  we're couple.
thanks shayang

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