lame xupdate blog,,
nothing to do for today.
xbalik umah akak sbb malas sgt2 naek train.
nak study  ob pon awal  lg laa, wake up in the morning terus letak 
laptop atas badan.
first mestilah facebook. nak tgk dye on9 ke x.
ase2 tiap ari  bukak page dye.
i miss him 
yesterday exam far 400. hopefully i will pass this paper
soklan past year je msk. nasib study. but i miss something laa.
lease back. i'm regret because xstudy.
hopefully he will pass.
"i miss that moment *were study together* but i'm still thinking"
he is love me or not.
i'm afraid to ask him, i know what the answer.
but why he act like that.
:: make the same mistake ::
ntah la,,xbley nak pk pe yg terbaek for myself
its right to hope to love him until
 the end of my life?

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