bukan nak cte sal mini cooper nie but adamaya.heehee
i want this car :)

last night, i'm so excited to watch this drama series.
yesterday first time i go through
uwaaa,,byk gle cte dye.
tp i'm interested nak tgk adamaya.
even its take time to load this drama, i'm still waiting.
mmg gle la.cte dye romantik sgt sgt sgt.
i love to watch it. 
this drama adopted by the previous romantic comedy.
i'm not single :)

before this i have been watch this couple farid kamil & lisa surihani
but for adamaya.
the new actor sein, ok la but i'm prefer farid kamil.
may be he is single and not married.
sein pon quite ok. tp bley nmpk laa yg sein tuh da kawen, klu farid kamil
yg berlakon agak kelakar la part dye de anak 
and wat kan susu.
btw this story quite interesting and sume org patot tgk.
big smile in my face when i see adam & maya.

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