what happen ~

i dunno what happening today.
i still wake up early every morning as usual."sarah2 bgn."
but today i don't wont to go to the class.
this is first time i cut my class.
mastura absent for today madam.

last night i stay up out there,mcd section 3.
what i did haaaa..

i just talk with my friend raja alif ikram and my 'shayang' but i'm not really understand..hehehe
and the best thing for tonight i' play  card' with them.
i'm so excited to play it because this is my first time.
my shayang show me how to play.hehe.
one more thing, raja s0oo excited show me a magic.
OMG. awesome!

at the same time my shayang need to complete his bel 492 presentation. i disturb him
his presentation about philosophy. it's quite interesting.
i help to search the internet and make a little bite power point presentation.
this is one of the result.

one of the philosopher known as a 'thinker.

i always to think why i'm here.huh
i dunno how to make my conversation smoothly when i talk with him.
i dunno why.
when i see him, my heart..
i dunno how to explain..i'm really2 love him.
   like usual he sent me at baiduri around 5 o'clock.
i think again again and again.
i need him to be my side,to protect me,
to love me. 

p/s:it is better for me to continue my life in this way.
OMG! i'm afraid to make any decision because
i'm a fool person. idiot! 
my decision always wrong. huhuhu.
hopefully he come back to me.to love me again.

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