thinking of you

what happen to me.. i miss him.
how come like this.
 i want him to be my side
i dunno what to do.
 waiting + hope + love
its right?

 i'm confuse right now.
its love? 

help me. i want him back.
there is not right when i let him go.
its true?

dunno dunno dunno.
 every conversation with him. i feel more better  but at the same time i mish him.
i want him. i want him.i want him.
its the true love?

you're my only one.
i give him all my love.

oh no i'm think i'm love with you baby.
but he..?
boys: sory honey my heart is  not for you.sory baby my heart is not for you.
what happen after this..
this is a long journey for me.
 difficult for me.huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.

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