home alone

i'm bored,huh 
what should i do,,?
sleep all the time, *tired tired*
start blogging.
what our plan for today?
jump to noodle station for break fast,,hehe.
outside,raining,just waiting  dengan penuh sabar.

yesterday,,the great day,the best moment i ever had
i'm with him again,,besh besh
were share our moment together, no secret between us,
he tell everything about him, i know him
he is the best for me,? definitely!

were the same
our favorite food: of course lah mcdonald
our favorite home : condominium privacy first 
hopefully our dream come true
together with him, i hope so.no selfish strategy boy :P

were different
he is not drink milo, mengade 
he is not shampoo his hair busuk, wajib 2x sehari lah 

the best thing about him, he is not stingy, i love this type of person
xbley hidop dengan org berkira,so sorry.

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