welcome part five with disaster:
boy: nothing to change *sigh*. 
i think, its  my fault i dunno what to say.
may be i was wrong,but there is nothing between us.  
i'm still waiting,i know i'm  not good enough for you.
to be or not to be? you are deserve better.she has everything okay.
much better than me.let me go k :)

girl: i'm so sorry, i dunno what to say.there is nothing between us.
i hope you will understand.i know its my fault.

thinking of money money money.
need to settle the rent, billing, to buy a new book *sigh*
second week i have spend about 600 but its not enough.
so,i need to call my sis my bro, help me please.

assignment, assignment,, make me feel sick tired pressure
far 430,first chapter, disaster!!  its so difficult to do the tutorial.
i dunno how to do how to solve the problem.
copy paste copy paste.no more, i need to improve myself.
hopefully, i will pass for this semester. 

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